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Annual Events

Annual Events166 DownloadsEntertainment Galore Locals and visitors alike flock to the Scenic City each year to participate in a myriad of events and festivals that Chattanooga has to offer. With energetic music festivals, prominent sporting competitions, and one-of-a-kind cultural celebrations, there is plenty of fun to be had. Web Version Download Now!

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Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures149 DownloadsBecoming One with the Elements Located between the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau, Chattanooga attracts people from all walks of life with its breathtaking beauty and wide range of outdoor activities for laid-back adventurers and thrill-seekers alike. Web Version Download Now!

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Family Fun

Family Fun151 DownloadsA Top Destination for Family Amusement There’s always fun to be found in the Scenic City. Chattanooga is home to numerous world-class attractions, museums, and parks that offer entertainment for the whole family. Web Version Download Now!

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Nightlife in ‘Nooga

Nightlife in ‘Nooga166 DownloadsThe Scenic City Steps Out After the Sun Sets With renowned attractions and outdoor opportunities galore, Chattanooga offers residents and visitors plenty of options for nighttime leisure. As night falls, the city gives way to an entertainment scene full of bustling bars, niche venues, and creative clubs. Web Version   Download Now!

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Dine & Wine

Dine & Wine150 DownloadsThe Scenic City Soars to New Culinary Heights Chattanooga’s food and drink scene continues to thrive and earn a reputation as a culinary destination both regionally and nationally. Nestled between the culinary hot spots of Atlanta and Nashville, the Scenic City serves up provisions in style. Web Version Download Now!

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Shopping in the Scenic City

Shopping in the Scenic City156 DownloadsPopular Local Shops Meet Big Box Retailers Whether you are looking for local flair or know exactly what you want from a big box store, Chattanooga has the perfect mix of neighborhood boutiques, malls, and outdoor shopping strips to meet all of your shopping needs. Web Version Download Now!

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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture161 DownloadsInspiring and Engaging Oasis for Artists of All Types With a growing dedication to all things art, Chattanooga is putting itself on the map for both creators and connoisseurs. Art communities are thriving and provide an array of avenues for individuals and groups alike to express their styles and thoughts. Everyone from […]

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Religion155 DownloadsChattanooga’s Congregation of Cultures As individuals and families begin to relocate to the Scenic City, they bring with them an influx of cultures and beliefs that have woven a dynamic fabric of faith throughout Chattanooga. Worship facilities, nonprofit ministries focused on helping others, and faith-based educational institutions can be found around the city. Web […]

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Retirement & Senior Care

Retirement & Senior Care216 DownloadsRetirees Find Chattanooga a Top Destination Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a top place for people to put down roots regardless of age, but this is especially true for seniors and older adults. Data company Niche ranked the city among its list of “2019 Best Cities to Retire in America.” In addition, the […]

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Health Care

Health Care172 DownloadsQuality of Life a Top Priority for Talented Facilities Whether you are a lifelong resident of the Scenic City or just visiting, you can be sure that Chattanooga health care facilities will provide you with comprehensive and compassionate treatment. Web Version Download Now!

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