2017 // Know Your Neighborhood: Lookout Mountain


Did You Know?
The Battle for Chattanooga was first called the “Battle Above the Clouds” by Union Brig. Gen. Montgomery C. Meigs, who observed the fog-shrouded action from Orchard Knob.



Known for top attractions, Lookout Mountain’s rich history, spectacular views, and outdoor adventures make it a favorite destination in Chattanooga.

Famous Attractions: Ruby Falls boasts the deepest commercial waterfall in the U.S., and with their recently added ZIPstream Aerial Adventure, tourists are sure to be wowed in the air and underground.  Nearby, Rock City leads visitors down a whimsical trail with beautiful rock formations and quirky gnomes dotting the path. At the end, they are rewarded with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Lookout Mountain’s other iconic attraction is the Incline Railway, a 72.7% grade trip up the mountain, one of the world’s steepest incline railways.

Historical: Commemorating the 1863 Civil War “The Battle above the Clouds,” Point Park and Cravens House are located on Lookout Mountain bluff. Visitors can experience beautiful views of the valley below and learn about Chattanooga’s part in the Civil War. 

Outdoors: Lookout Mountain offers one of the top hang gliding spots in the country. Cloudland Canyon State Park offers 3,500 acres of hiking, mountain biking trails, camping, and more. Other popular hiking trails on the mountain include the Bluff Trail, Glen Falls Trail, Sunset Rock Trailhead, and Lula Lake trails.

Dining and Sport: The Lookout Mountain Fairyland Club, founded in 1926, features fine dining, tennis, a pool, fitness area, and spectacular views. The Lookout Mountain Golf Club (founded in 1927) offers a golf course designed by renowned golf-course architect Seth Raynor. The club also features a beautiful clubhouse with fine dining and striking views. Café 7 at Rock City and Café on the Corner serve up modern Southern fare.

Festivals: Throughout the year, seasonally themed festivals add to the already festive mountain top attractions. At Rock City, the Enchanted Garden of Lights illuminates the holiday season, while Shamrock City summons the luck of the Irish and Fairytale Nights celebrates the magic of stories. Rocktoberfest rings in the fall season, celebrating German culture, while the Southern Blooms Festival observes the beauty of springtime. At Ruby Falls, events throughout the year include Christmas Underground and Romance at Ruby. Ruby Falls’ Haunted Cavern is considered one of the area’s best haunted attractions.