2020 // Dine & Wine

The Scenic City Soars to New Culinary Heights


Chattanooga’s food and drink scene continues to thrive and earn a reputation as a culinary destination both regionally and nationally. Nestled between the culinary hot spots of Atlanta and Nashville, the Scenic City serves up provisions in style.
The Chattanooga area constantly has stand-out chefs nominated for James Beard Awards, and locals and visitors alike can enjoy, not just traditional Southern fare, but a growing number of authentic menu items originating from other countries. Just last year, establishments in the city were featured on lists such as OpenTable’s 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America; Travel + Leisure’s 100 Best Restaurants Worth Splurging on in the United States; and Garden & Gun’s Best New Bars in the South. Wine Spectator also featured three Chattanooga dining spots in its 2019 Restaurant Awards, and Chattanooga played host to the second-ever Flavored Nation in 2019, a two-day event where chefs from each of the 50 states serve up one of their most iconic dishes. Whether you’re looking for fine dining on a special occasion or a more casual environment to relax with friends, Chattanooga has something to offer, and you better believe it is going to be tasty.


Did You Know?

A total of 353 area restaurants are represented on OpenTable, allowing diners to save a seat and minimize their wait time.

Fine Dining

Decadence and ambiance come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience at numerous restaurants throughout Chattanooga. Creative presentations, award-winning chefs, fresh ingredients, and knowledgeable sommeliers and cicerones combine to execute delicious, flavorful meals with outstanding customer service. From steakhouses to seafood and pasta restaurants, diners can indulge in carefully crafted dishes and world-class wines and beverages. Offerings throughout the city can easily check one or more boxes, whether that be entertaining, romantic, or impressive.

Totto Sushi & Grill

Located in the heart of the NorthShore, Totto Sushi & Grill offers customers authentic Japanese cuisine made with fresh ingredients. With over 15 years of experience, guests can find everything from udon noodles and bento boxes to an array of sushi options. Indulge in traditional favorites such as California and spicy tuna rolls or treat yourself to a chef-made custom roll. Patrons can enjoy the convenience of online reservations and delivery options.


Casual Eateries

Chattanooga is a premier spot to get together with family and friends, and there are countless dining options that provide the ideal place to meet. Whether you’re looking for Southern comfort food staples, a mouthwatering burger, or the perfect slice of pizza, there is a table for you. The area also boasts several options for tender barbecue, spicy tacos, and gourmet ice cream. Many of the city’s local eateries not only serve flavor that packs a punch, but they also like to entertain. Trivia competitions, karaoke nights, and arcade and lawn games add a side of fun to your food. Sports bars can also be found in the area and provide visitors and residents with a place to kick back and cheer on their favorite teams. For those wanting options, Market South, Chattanooga’s first food hall, offers an eclectic mix of restaurants and even features an R&D test kitchen with a rotating lineup of talented chefs.

The Ice Cream Show

Find your way across the Walnut Street Bridge to the downtown side. Nestled on the cobblestone corner is a Chattanooga hot spot. Featuring custom-blended Mayfield ice cream or frozen yogurt, with low-fat, sugar-free, and dairy-free options, Seattle-roasted gourmet coffee drinks, and a variety of other treats and snacks, this ice cream shop is a local favorite. The smell of freshly baked waffle cones and the lure of over 40 fresh ingredients to blend into your frozen treat will keep you coming back.


International Establishments

With each passing year, it seems as if the Scenic City welcomes more diversity when it comes to cuisines to explore. International traditions, cooking methods, and foods are not hard to find and offer the perfect chance to surprise your palate. Among the more popular international cuisines throughout the city are Greek, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Peruvian, and Caribbean. Eating at these restaurants can be an inspiring experience, and locals and visitors also have the opportunity to shop at various markets and take finds back to their own kitchens.   

Market South

Chattanooga’s first full-service food hall comes to life at the corner of Main and Long Streets with offerings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Market South features seven concepts, including Chow Main, Slow Rise Pizza, Grand Trunk Railroad, The Green Room, and Five Wits Brewing Company. Curious customers are invited to try truly unique dishes from creative chefs at the establishment’s R&D test kitchen, while breakfast fans can check out Eggman Bagelry every day of the week. Market South also serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays.


Distilleries & Craft Liquor

Whiskey production has deep roots in Chattanooga, which was home to over 30 distilleries in the late 1800s. Prohibition shuttered distributors and distilleries in the early 1900s, but over a century later, Chattanooga is once again home to several notable spirits producers. Whether artisanal or experimental, there are a variety of drinks to choose from in the tasting rooms of many of Chattanooga’s traditional or micro distilling locations. Whiskey may still be king, but these facilities are also crafting vodkas, rums, and gins. Several additional distilleries, without tasting room options, have their spirits in restaurants and package stores around town – offering up even more local options. As distillers continue to pop up across the city, local festivals celebrate their offerings.

Community Pie

Sharing is encouraged at Community Pie, so bring your family or friends to sample Community Pie’s offerings, including salads, pastas, pizzas, and made-from-scratch gelato. Delivering on flavor and authenticity, pizzas are served Neapolitan, New York, or Detroit style with toppings ranging from fig preserves and Calabrian chilies to chipotle honey and slow-cooked pork shoulder. Gluten-free pizza is also avaiable.



Chattanooga’s growing list of breweries and taprooms is putting the city on the map as a top destination for beer lovers. Whether you are an IPA aficionado or a supporter of stouts, there is a local brew with your name on it. Local cicerones and brewmasters are producing award-winning brews with simple ingredients and unique flavors. Beyond beer, some locations have ventured into brewing kombucha, while other brewery locations are solely dedicated to creating this fermented tea. For those who are new to craft beer and want to taste a variety of brews, there are plenty of establishments across the city offering hundreds of taps and small pours. This allows patrons to customize their tasting experience and try an assortment of local, regional, and national brews. Beer and brewer festivals entertain attendees and offer them a convenient way to sample beers, typically while enjoying food vendors, live music, and more.

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Urban Stack

Whether in the mood for a hearty lunch or a late-night snack, Urban Stack has you covered. Committed to sustainable practices, this downtown restaurant works with local farmers and vendors to provide uniquely built burgers — including favorites like the Hamburguesa Mamacita and The Big Cheese. Complement your meal with one of Urban Stack’s specialty cocktails or handspun milkshakes, and you’re in for a real treat.



World-class wines are abundant in Chattanooga. The area’s ideal climate for growing a variety of grapes has led to the formation of several area wineries that offer stunning vistas and distinct Southern flavors. Facilities in the area offer patrons wines made from Concord, catawba, Niagara, Cayuga, and chambourcin grapes, not to mention a wide variety of muscadine grapes. Tasting rooms are a great way to experience the region’s wines and offer plenty of options and expert knowledge. Additional wine professionals can be found in Chattanooga’s wine and spirits shops, as well as restaurants. A local favorite, the annual Wine Over Water festival offers attendees the chance to sample over 100 wines from around the world in an outdoor, downtown setting.

Rodizio Grill

Experience the authenticity of America’s first Brazilian steakhouse restaurant by visiting Rodizio Grill. As ambassadors of Brazil, Rodizio invites you to celebrate the warmth and abundance of an authentic Brazilian dining experience. With over a dozen rotisserie-grilled meats served right at your table by talented gauchos, a gourmet salad bar with 30 award-winning salads, and authentic side dishes and desserts, dining with Rodizio is a one-of-a-kind experience.



Options abound when it comes to getting the perfect cup of joe in the Scenic City. Area coffee shops go from being minimalistic and modern to quaint and quirky. The city’s award-winning coffee scene features cafés, roasters, gifted baristas, and fair-trade creations. Several classes, tours, and trainings are offered for both baristas and avid coffee consumers. Coffee roasters in the area have a hand in the entire production process, overseeing everything from the procurement of green coffee beans to the roasting of carefully crafted blends. Such facilities offer different selections that can be purchased from brick and mortar locations around the city, as well as online. New flavors and roasts that are unique to Chattanooga are constantly being cultivated.

Photo by Rich Smith

Lupi’s Pizza Pies

Lupi’s has been spinning specialty pizzas for over two decades while emphasizing fresh, local ingredients. Not only is the ambiance colorful and invigorating, but everything from their lauded bruschetta to their lengthy list of beers is a tasty treat. A fun, family-friendly setting, Lupi’s is a great place to snag a slice of farm-to-paddle pizza.


Farm to Table

With conservation as a cornerstone of the Chattanooga community, it is no surprise that the area is rich in farm-to-table offerings. Local, fresh food from around the Tennessee Valley can be found at markets and restaurants across the city. This offers patrons a way to not only consume the highest quality foods available, but to also support the local economy. Local produce including berries, potatoes, leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and more is bountiful and offers creative chefs plenty of room to play. Whether a vegan, vegetarian, or a meat lover, there is an environmentally conscious dish for everyone. In addition to seasonal produce, diners also have access to beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, and lamb that is raised in unstressed, free-range environments just outside of the city. For those who want to take the farm-to-table movement to their own kitchens, the Chattanooga Market is a great location to purchase local products and ingredients. Once voted one of the top public markets in America, the Chattanooga Market brings together
over 50 vendors.

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Café 7 at Rock City

Come for the incomparable views, stay for the deliciously unique take on Southern cuisine. At Café 7, you and your company are sure to be stunned by the sweeping views of seven different states from terraces at Rock City’s iconic Lover’s Leap overlook. Nothing says, “Welcome to Chattanooga,” quite like sweet tea and scenic vistas.


Supper Clubs

No thriving food scene would be complete without supper clubs, and Chattanooga features some of the best. As a place for family and friends to come together, supper clubs provide their attendees with artfully inspired dishes often paired with carefully crafted cocktails. Dinners are typically held in stunning locales and feature a specific theme while spanning several courses. Group seating brings together attendees allowing for an intimate feel while also providing the opportunity for members of the community to meet new people and enjoy each other’s company. Events generally feature renowned chefs and span several hours to form an all-around intriguing experience. 

Hot Chocolatier

Artisanal chocolates, desserts, confections, and custom gifts available in all sizes and quantities can be found at this local delicacy dealer in Chattanooga’s vibrant Southside. Situated in an exciting location close to music venues, whiskey tasting rooms, and nightlife, the eatery offers in-house gourmet pastries, specialty drinks, and a jaw-dropping display case full of European-inspired, world-class dessert options.

1437 Market St. thehotchocolatier.comIG: thehotchocolatierFB: thehotchocolatier

Dining Clubs

Private clubs dot the city of Chattanooga and offer their members dining experiences that range from casual to fine dining. Frequently situated on penthouse floors, mountain bluffs, or picturesque golf courses, these clubs are renowned for their ambiance and the experience they provide. By delighting all five senses, dining clubs are able to engage attendees and keep them coming back for more. Nearly all of the golf courses in the area provide a dining club and give players a place to relax and fuel up before or after time on the greens.

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Acropolis Grill

Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean at Acropolis Grill. Featuring delicious entrées, including steak, kabobs, and pastas, the family-owned establishment makes an impression with original recipes and attentive service. Share a meal with friends in the dining area, or relax at the bar or covered patio – just don’t forget to end the meal with baklava cheesecake!