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Annual Events

Don’t Miss Out On The Many Events Chattanooga Has To Offer

Chattanooga is buzzing year-round with an array of exciting events, including popular music festivals, renowned sports competitions, one-of-a-kind parades, and cultural celebrations. The following events are just the tip of what Chattanooga has to offer!

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Arts & Culture

Chattanooga Continues To Align Education And Skills To Meet Workforce Demands

kites flying at the sculpture fields at montague park in chattanoogaChattanooga’s culture places great value on the arts. Performers, artists, and all creatives have opportunities to grow and develop within the Chattanooga area’s talented artistic communities. Anyone from up-and-coming musicians, to renowned muralists, to avid art enthusiasts are eager to experience Chattanooga’s unique brand of creative expression.

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Banking in Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s Banks And Financial Institutions Stand Apart

Online banking ipad screen bank card ChattanoogaWith Chattanooga’s range of local, regional, and national banks, along with credit unions and savings and loan institutions, individuals and businesses alike enjoy a variety of financial services.

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Business & Technology

Chattanooga Is A Welcoming City For Business

Supported by an expansion in manufacturing and logistics, a business-friendly government, private and public support for startups, the Electric Power Board’s (EPB) fiber optic network, and a growing tourism industry, Chattanooga is attracting new business.

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Commercial Real Estate

Chattanooga’s Commercial Industry Continues To Grow

Growth of real estate and commercial real estate Cherry Street downtown ChattanoogaPowered by growth in manufacturing and logistics, a booming tourism industry, and a thriving entrepreneurial culture, the Chattanooga economy is expanding – increasing the demand for commercial real estate property.

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Dine & Wine

Chattanooga’s Culinary Scene Draws Connoisseurs And Casual Eaters Alike

Renowned in national and regional publications such as The New York Times, Garden & Gun, and Southern Living, and decorated with award-winning chefs, Chattanooga’s food and drink scene continues to thrive and earn a reputation as a culinary destination. Locally owned restaurants are drawing visitors and locals alike with their world-class creations.

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Chattanooga Hosts A Wide Array Of Educational Institutions

Baylor School students with teacher in library ChattanoogaThe Chattanooga area offers K-12 students a wide range of private and public school options in addition to publicly and privately funded accelerated educational opportunities.

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Family Fun

Chattanooga Is A Top Destination For Family Fun And Entertainment

From the riverfront to the mountains, to world-class museums and scenic parks, you won’t find a shortage of attractions to explore in Chattanooga – especially with the family in tow.

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Government Services

How Chattanooga, Hamilton County, And Local Governments Serve You

Group of firemen and women in front of firetrucks ChattanoogaGovernment services in the Chattanooga area are provided by the City of Chattanooga, Hamilton County, and local township governments.

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Health Care

Quality Health Care Enriches Chattanooga Living

Residents of the Chattanooga region have access to top treatment facilities providing high-quality, compassionate health care.

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Higher Education

Chattanooga’s Higher Education Institutions Help Foster Success

Graduation cap and tassel detail ChattanoogaThroughout the Chattanooga area, institutes of higher education offer a wide range of degrees and are consistently recognized for their top academic programs. These vibrant collegiate communities, large and small, are deeply committed to student success.

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Home Interiors & Furnishings

Chattanooga’s The Dream City For Your Dream Home

upscale dining room and kitchen in NorthShore house Real Estate in ChattanoogaFrom custom-crafted cabinetry to the cohesive aesthetic of a well-designed room, Chattanooga’s home interiors and furnishings industry has talented individuals ready to help you cultivate your dream home.

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Chattanooga’s Nightlife Dawns Just As The Sun Sets

Home to unparalleled outdoor adventures and superior attractions, Chattanooga has plenty to offer at all hours. When the sun goes down, the streets turn up with live music, vivacious locals, and curious tourists looking for a fun night on the town.

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Outdoor Adventures

Chattanooga’s Outdoor Attractions Draw Admirers From Far And Wide

Bordering the Tennessee River and tucked between the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga attracts seasoned athletes and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. Offering breathtaking views and adrenaline-rush activities, the Scenic City keeps calling visitors back year after year.

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Real Estate & Know Your Neighborhood

Chattanooga Continues To Draw Residents From Near and Far

stacked stone and taupe siding house in Hixson Real Estate in ChattanoogaWhether you’re moving from Hixson to Collegedale, St. Elmo to the Northshore, or from Atlanta to Red Bank, there’s lots of valuable resources and information for you here to learn about Chattanooga’s real estate opportunities and to better know your future neighborhood.

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man reading a bible in chattanoogaA beautiful mosaic of cultures and religions exists and is ever-growing in the Chattanooga area. All faiths are welcome in Chattanooga; residents and visitors enjoy access to diverse and engaging places of worship, nonprofit ministries focused on helping others, and faith-based educational institutions.

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Retirement & Senior Care

Living Your Golden Years In Chattanooga

A mild climate, low cost Of living, nationally recognized retirement communities, exceptional health care, and a host of recreational activities make Chattanooga a top place for seniors and a great place to retire.

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Chattanooga’s Retail Businesses Bring In Shoppers Near And Far

With malls, outdoor shopping strips, and tucked-away boutiques, Chattanooga has something for everyone. Check out one of these destinations for some serious retail therapy.

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Planes, Trains, And Automobiles: How Chattanoogans Move Around

A bustling transportation hub ever since the Civil War, Chattanooga thrives off its proximity to the Tennessee River and direct access to top rail systems and interstate highways.

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Utility Services

Find Out What Powers Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s energy and communications providers offer the latest options for electric, gas, water, TV, internet, and telephone services. Anchoring these services are Electric Power Board (EPB) with its fiber optic network, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) – the largest government-owned power provider in the nation, and Tennessee American Water.

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Workforce Development

Chattanooga’s Vibrant Art Scene Helps Creatives And Community Flourish Alike

Chattanooga State Community College student working on vehicleThe National Association of Manufacturers reports that over the next decade, approximately 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will be needed in the United States – yet 2 million will likely go unfilled due to a gap in required skills. The Chattanooga market is facing a similar demand for talent, as 13% of the region’s workforce is engaged in manufacturing (compared to the nation’s 8.5%).

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